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7 Reason Why We Love Sawan

7 Reason Why We Love Sawan
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Though we love every season for all the reasons but when it comes to Sawan month, it has a very special place for the people of Jaipur. No other state welcomes rain as we Jaipurites do. With the arrival of monsoon showers, there is ample happiness all over which is celebrated by dancing, singing and feasting.

When it comes to women of Jaipur there is no other festival like Sawan when they are cheerfully clad in enchanting Lehariyas (multi-colored tie and dyed saree), put henna on their palm, keep fast for their love and seek blessings for a happy and long married life.

Sawan is not about one day but the whole month is full of festivities. Sawan can be touted as the longest festival as every day is a celebration in this month. Besides sprinkles of rain, here are more reasons why we Jaipurites go crazy about Sawan-

1. Lehariya

Sawan is the time when the lovely ladies of Rajasthan can show off their love for lehariya every single day. Women adore this traditional print but cannot wear it all the time as no one wants to commit the fashion faux pas of repetition. Sawan is the perfect excuse to flaunt vibrant Lehariya prints every day.


This month brings back Jhoola on trees. All of us love to swing high on the jhoolas and our inner child becomes really happy in Sawan. Swinging on decorated Jhoolas with friends makes this rainy month special.

3.Mehendi and Colourful Bangles

The custom of henna comes back in Sawan. Hands adorned with fragrant orange colors look just beautiful. Every woman loves the jingling sound of bangles but hardly anyone wears them in today’s times. In Sawan, women get to indulge in their love for colorful bangles without having to worry about dress codes.


The weather turns cooler and there is greenery everywhere in Jaipur. This makes for the perfect setup for picnics with family and friends. So many well maintained, lush gardens in Jaipur make picnics marvelous.


Ghewar is a delicacy that makes Rajasthanis, especially Jaipurites, wait one whole year before they can gorge on it again. We love to gorge on the decadent flavors of this sweet every day in Sawan month.

6.Sawan Ke Geet

Dancing on the tunes of Sawan Aayo Re is always fun in this rainy month. Songs related to Hindola (swings), teej, Sawan Ke Jhoole Pade flow in the air throughout Sawan. Ladies sing these folk songs while dancing and enjoying rides on swing.


Teej brings all elements of Sawan together. The festival which pays tribute to Nature is all about women enjoying themselves. They dress up in lehariya, apply henna, bedeck themselves with jewellery and sing while swinging on beautiful jhoolas. Then there is teej procession, which splashes the cities with many more colors. The dances and other folk performances in Teej procession lure not just Rajasthanis but people from every corner of the world. Jaipur to witness the Teej procession on 13th August, 2018 starting from City Palace and passing through the Old City of Jaipur with chariots, folk dancers and performers that will culminate at Taal Katora.

What’s not to love about Sawan!

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Happy Sawan!!!

Content Credit : Jaipur Beat


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