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Justice For Nanhi Kali Against Rape

Justice For Nanhi Kali Against Rape
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There seems to be no end to the crime against minors in the city. We don’t want to make our country a rapist. In our society we called the female as an image of goddess and in another side we treat them as trash.

What happened to our society? Are they all losing their humanities?
Why don’t people take any action regarding this issue? Why they don’t talk about it.
As one of the part of society we need to aware the people about such crimes and contribute to stopped them and take some appropriate legal actions against the guilty to stop crime and create some fear against the law in the eyes of Rapist…

Rape is the worst form of violation. It is a barbaric act, which can’t be treated with civilized laws, as civilized laws make it look like a regular crime.

  • Police reforms which have been waiting to be implemented since the 1980’s — police need better investigation methods to find the right guy and ways to preserve evidence. A New wing in the police should be established to counter rape cases, ex: anti gunda squad, or grey hounds squad for naxals which were crime specific, or should bring rape cases under the ambit of NIA, where some rapists should be treated like terrorists.
  • Social audits should be conducted by women societies by receiving regular feedback from women about any misconduct in their society . Teachers in schools should collect feedback and parents at home should discuss with children about any misconduct regularly.
  • Sexual harrasment panelsshould be established in universities, corporations, hospitals, or any large institutions to evaluate cases privately and keep the victim anonymous. Some lewd gestures and actions are mostly ignored because women don’t have a proper place to complain or are too scared to reveal as they don’t want to escalate the issue. The panel can give insight to identify any negative approach towards women and can prevent the crime from occurring in the first place. This mechanism has the ability to scare the perpetuators and their criminal instinct can be kept in check more often.
  • Monitoring: Volunteers should be appointed by police to keep a check on ruffians, who live in their locality, including unemployed hooligans and monitoring people with criminal records.(these actions are already in place by police to nab criminals and terrorist activities but not yet with intent to find rapists).
  • Eve-teasing should be strictly handled because teasing women for fun isn’t an act which can be ignored as it ‘disrespects women’ which is one of important causes to violate.
  • Media should play its role in educating importance of women empowerment, and breaking stereotypes in debates by asking the right questions which can help some people mellow down their regular approach towards women.
  • Sensitise young children on matters of sex and sexual crimes. We need to enforce strong morals and value systems in school children. Schools should make that effort, along with families. Even in international schools of Delhi sensitising about women is inexistent.
  • Sensitising police on women issues is the need of the hour as they evaluate cases with insensitivity and a lack of empathy. Women who complain are looked down upon with skepticism.
  • Smart policing, by improving cyber infrastructure to track pedophiles or tracking criminals through their social media activity.
  • GPS trackers on autos and cabs, and issuing orders to companies to provide secured travel for women who work late night.
  • One stop centers should be increased to minimize difficulties of reporting the crime. According to research when more people come forward to report a rape which eventually meets with stronger punishment it will reduce the rate of rapes.
  • Shaming the perpetrators in public is necessary to let the society know the consequences, telecasting the culprits jail life and his agony can send chills to many who have intention to commit crimes by letting society understand the consequences and how their families are being effected by such punishment which topples income source and their status in society should be known
  • Dedication of government to prevent Rape will help in curbing these crimes, for example: government dedication to reduce terrorism curbed terrorist activities, though terrorists live among us they could not strike because such level of intelligence reports and tracking and swift actions are taken by NIA. Same applies with rapists when proper actions were taken by government by acknowledging rape as a priority to counter with preventive measures.
  • Educating people in villages, and underdeveloped urban areas with thought provoking documentaries and sensible meetings by women N.G.O’s can change attitude towards women in society. Any change must occur from the grass root level.

We are speaking of breaking a regular thought process and invoking a sense of responsibility in people. Since the problem lies in a culture that is entertained by degrading acts and images of women, the solution is to look at the individual acts as a symptom of rape culture and solve it holistically. We all have a part to play in allowing rape culture to exist—so, we can all do something to eradicate it.

Today onward we need to create more awareness in our society towards the rape and find the perfect solution to stop them…

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7 thoughts on “Justice For Nanhi Kali Against Rape”

  • Shame on the peoples who do this type of nuisance. The only Single solution, Shoot those people the same day in the middle of the market.

  • Height of the shame… Why not our govt. take any strict action towards all these cases..

  • Why don’t people take all that issue very seriously.. its a high time.. we should need together towards against this cruelest crime..

  • Justice delayed is justice denied. Request to Hon’ble #Supreme #Court to set up fast track Higher Courts for trials of rape cases against minors so that the speedy justice is delivered. #DeathForRapists #JusticeForNanhiKali

  • *”हाथ लगाओ डर जाएगी, बाहर निकालो मर जायेगी”*_

    कविता की ये पंक्तियाँ मछलियों से कब बेटियों तक पहुंच गई… पता ही नहीं चला….!!

    शर्म की बात है।।।।

    _*स्याही सूख नहीं पाती है अखबार की*_
    _*रोज नयी खबर आ जाती है, बलात्कार की।।*_

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