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Jaipur best places for enjoy this Children’s Day with your kids

Jaipur best places for enjoy this Children’s Day with your kids
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The Children’s Day is on November 14 and many parents want to know how to make this day memorable and special for their kids. The Pinkcity Royals Post brings you the most exciting places, especially for children where you can celebrate this Children’s Day in Jaipur.

  1. Masti zone at Pink Square Mall, Raja Park

    Different virtual and real games at the fun zone of the Pink Square mall will thrill your children. Your children might want to stay here and have fun for hours.
  2. Lion Safari, Nahargarh Biological Park

    Taking your child on a Lion Safari at Nahargarh Biological Park is the best way to treat him or her on this Children’s Day in Jaipur. The lion safari was recently launched at Nahargarh Biological Park. Plan a family trip to the park and roam in the wild with lions in their real habitat. You will be escorted into the jungle in covered vehicles. You will see several other wild animals and birds during the Safari.
  3. Leopard safari, Jhalana

    This children day enjoy Leopard safari with your family and friends. Enjoy the natural habitats. You will see several other wild animals and birds during the Safari.
  4. Scary house at Pink Square Mall, Raja Park

    You must have seen your children reading spooky fictional stories and watching such TV shows and movies. Give them the real experience of spooky ambiance amid virtual skeletons at the scary house in the Pink Square Mall, Raja Park.
  5. 7D movie experience at Crystal Palm

    We have seen several 3D movies in theatres by now. It seems like everything is happening close to our eyes. But, the 7D and 5D experiences at CP and some other malls of Jaipur, will give you the real experience of virtual reality.Your seat will shake, it will lift you up and down, you may feel something crawling through your legs. There will be amazing sound and video effects. You may feel virtual snowfall. But all these things will be virtual and will be part of the real-life movie experience.
  6. Appu Ghar

    Appu Ghar is an ideal place for people who want to break away from the hustle-bustle of fast-paced life of the metropolis.  The complete entertainment destination, Appu Ghar Jaipur has just the perfect combination of activities, rides, adventure sports, food, music. A perfect blend to enjoy this children day with your children.
  7.  Sunrise Dream World

    Give your children a Rajasthani fun experience at this place. There are several rides including horse ride, camel ride, an elephant ride to thrill your kids. Several Cultural programs, puppetry shows, magic shows and other are organized here every day.You can swim with your children in swimming pools for hours at this place and enjoy a Rajasthani cuisine dinner in the end.


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