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Trees : Landmarks For Jaipur Peoples

Trees : Landmarks For Jaipur Peoples
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Trees are poems the Earth writes upon the sky…

We always used some landmarks in our day to day life to explain the location. Some time we used a monument, a famous store or any well known place to a person.

But here are some famous trees which are well known for the jaipur people as a landmark for them…

  1. 3 Neems and Banayan tree at Jaipur Palace

     In front of Jaipur Palace, a shady spot is provided by this cluster of four small trees.

  2. Leaning Shisham
    Overhanging the footpath, near the famous collection of lassi shops on one of Jaipur’s main shopping district is this shisham tree.
  3. Jaipur’s Sai Baba Banyan
    In Jaipur’s Pink City is a banyan tree devoted to Sai Baba, a popular 20th century guru from Maharashtra.
  4. Ajmeri Gate Road Centre Pipal
    A tree on the central road in from Ajmer Gate in Jaipur’s Pink City

  5. Station Road Re sprout Neem
    A small neem tree, cut and re sprouted, on a main road in Jaipur
  6. Station Road Balaji Neem
    A neem tree struggles to stay alive between a large cement building and a newly built fly-over highway in downtown Jaipur.
  7. Hawa Mahal Police Station Cypress
    A solitary, narrow cypress is visible through the gates of the police station near the Hawa Mahal palace in Jaipur
  8. Solitary Cypress at Jantar Mantar
    Jaipur’s Jantar Mantar is a solar astrological observatory, and there is a one lone cypress tree growing near the brickwork instruments

Nature always shows the right direction. We should value for them…
Imagine if trees gave off Wifi Signals. We would be planting so many trees and we’ld probably saves the planet too; too bad they only produce the Oxygen we breathe and show the direction of our destination…

How many of you used tree as a landmark and plant a tree this monsoon to make our Jaipur more beautiful.

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