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How To Get The Best Price On Quartz Counter tops

How To Get The Best Price On Quartz Counter tops
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One of the things to consider when buying quartz countertops is the price. The trick is to buy the best countertops at the most reasonable price. Though it’s hard to define or state the best price, you can get a good deal if you take your time to do thorough research. There are different kinds of quartz products in the market today and the price will vary from store to store. Below are some tips to help you get through this process.

Look for offers, sales and promotions

The quartz business is very competitive nowadays. This has led manufacturers and suppliers to offer regular sales, offers and promotions so as to attract customers and boost sales. When looking for a supplier be sure to check if they have any offers that you can benefit from. You might be lucky to purchase the fixtures at half the price.

Get quotes from different suppliers

Another tip is to get a number of quotes from different stores or suppliers and then compare them. When making price comparisons, make sure that you are comparing the same product from different companies. Comparing online allows you to cover a wide range of companies without having to leave the comfort of your home.

The total cost of the project should include:

  • The cost of slab of quartz
  • Total cost of installation including leveling, seam joining, edge fabrication and sink cutout among many others

When comparing costs, check what is included in the quote so as to avoid wrong comparisons. You may think the cost of one supplier is low only to realize later that the company provided you with the cost of slab only. So be keen to look at the breakdown on the quotations provided.

Choose one company

After making the comparisons, you can choose the company that you feel has the best price.

Other ideas to help you save on costs

Give specialty stores and showrooms a priority. Buying the kitchen countertop product from a store that specializes in that is likely to get you a better price.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount: This is especially if you are making huge purchases. Ask the supplier to give you a discount. Many stores are willing to cut the cost a little so as to gain the royalty of their customers.

Get all the areas done at once: Instead of doing one room or surface at a time, it will be better to do the whole house at once. Make installations on the kitchen, bathroom, entertainment room and other places you wish all as one home improvement project. Doing so will help you save on costs. This is because buying materials in bulk will be cheaper and the installation costs low when it’s done as one project.

Avoid the busy season as the fabricator will charge you more at such a time. If you can be flexible with timing, you will be able to get a better offer especially for installation.


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