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According to Herbert M.Shelton, “Fasting is abstention, entirely or in part and for longer or shorter period of time from food and drink of from food alone”.

Nutrition may be conveniently divided into two phase – positive and negative, corresponding to the periods of eating and periods of abstaining from food. Negative nutrition has received the terms ‘fasting’.

The vital organs and tissue must receive nourishment during fast and this is provided by:

  1. Food stock within the body.
  2. The soluble portions of dead and ‘diseased tissues’,

As insisted by hazard and Carrington that, during a fast toxins and accumulated waste are eliminated first.

Physiologists tell us that, while it is activity that disintegrates cells, there is no replacement by new tissue unless there are distinct intervals of rest.

More people keep their bodies constantly stuffing with food, forcing every organ to work overtime. Their nervous and glandular system are overtaxed and their reserve forces called upon to digest and assimilate this surplus food or to eliminate the poisons that result from its decomposition in the intestines. A ‘fast’ reserves all this. This surplus food is used up, the toxins are eliminated, the organs of the body get a needed rest and are able to repair themselves. It is not merely the digestive organs which rest during a fast. The benefits extend to every part of the organism.



Since, toxaemia underlies most disease, the elimination of toxin from the blood and through the blood from the cells, is the chief factor in the benefit which diseased bodies derive from the fast.

Blood disease, whether the so called specific disease (syphilis), bacterial disease or just the ordinary toxaemic conditions should be treated by the fast. Disorder of the blood such as sclerosis, fibrosis, atheroma, arthritis etc. in ready response to the fast, and disease of lymphatic respond, as do those of the blood and blood vessels.


Fasting takes a heavy load off the organs and exerts lesser resistance to overcome in pumping the full volume of blood around the body circuit. This easing of the strain enables the heart to repair its structure and improve its function.

For this reason, many causes of both functional and organic heart affection have been benefited and even cured by fasting. Circulation is also improved.


During fast, the muscles and glands of the stomach are rejuvenated. So, morbid sensibilities are overcome, digestion is improved, a digestion is improved, a distended and buldged stomach shrinks and tends to resume its normal size. Ulcers heal, inflammation subsides, gastric catarrah is eliminated and the appetite tends to become normal.


Congestion of the lungs is quickly relieved when food is discontinued. Regenerative power of the lungs is very great and the benefits are derived by them through fasting.


The benefit derived by these organs from a fast are striking. Abscess of the liver can be completely and permanently cured by a fast lasting only four weeks. The glycogen content of the liver is almost entirely consumed during the first two days of a fast.

Enlarged spleens have been reduced after a few days or weeks of fasting. Kidney affections of many forms can be cured by fast.


The skeletal muscles may lose 40 percent of their weight by the time death from starvation occurs. The heart muscles lose only about 3 percent. There is no actual loss of the number of muscle cell in a fast of ordinary duration.


Except where certain pathology prevents it, fasting invariably brings about.

  1. Remarkable improvement in the faculty of sight, clarity and brightness of the eyes.
  2. Sharpening of sense of touch
  3. Refinement of the capacity of testing.
  4. Improvement of the sense of smell.
  5. Increases in capacity of hearing.


Nerve function is greatly improved by a fast. In cases of nervous and mental disorders, one must see the effects of the fast to be able to appreciate the patient. Paralysis and semi – paralysis are frequently overcome by fasting. Neurasthenia and even insanity have also been curved, this way.

Nothing will increase elimination as will fast. When we cease to take food and when we cease to absorb the products of the decomposition of food, the organ of elimination have an opportunity to catch – up with their work.


  1. All of our power is enhanced by fasting. Memory is strengthened. Alteration association and the reasoning faculty are improved. Love, sympathy, intuition and all the other spiritual powers are increased.

Fasting frequently brings relief to a person in pain. After a few days without food, the pain usually disappears or is greatly reduced in intensity.

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