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Heart Murmurs are sounds which occur due to Turbulent flow of blood in the heart. The causes of these Murmurs could be Narrowed and/or leaking valves, holes in the heart, obstruction of flow of blood due to narrowed arteries etc.  Some time these Murmurs may occur in absence of organic heart disease and are commonly associated with Anemia, Pregnancy, Thyroid problems and other Physiological state where increase blood flow situation is.

A Good clinical examination by stethoscope can analyses most Murmurs and can Quantity the disease process as well.

However for confirmation of the clinical finding Echocardiography (ultra sound examination of heart) has become the gold standard for evaluation. There have been techniques like Phono cardiograph which was used in past but for all Practical purpose echo is the Technique and as far as Phono cardiograph is concerned it has been relegated into history and is redundant.

Physical activity is associated with consider ably lower risk of heart attacks for both men and women.

Protection is lost when people stop exercising and conversely inactive people who take of exercise acquire lower risk of heart disease. The exercise which are good for Prevention are brisk walking, heavy gardening, Swimming, cycling.

One world of caution exercises which are high resistance should be avoided for example heavy weight lifting.

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