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Teej Celebration In Jaipur

Teej Celebration In Jaipur
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Basically a women festival, the Teej Festival is a yearly festival that denotes the appearance of Sawan or Monsoon In Hindi. Teej Festival is additionally popular as the “Celebration of Swings” as the ladies tie swings on the branches of trees and take joys in swinging.


Teej incorporates a festival totally committed to associate of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati as it is whispered that they both rejoined after numerous years on the third day of the month Shravan. In Teej Festival you will see the young ladies wearing stunning garments, singing excellent tunes, getting ready flavorful luxuries and henceforth displays part something other than home-production.

Fairs are conducted on this festival; processions are taken out from Tripolia gate of Pink City Jaipur. Passing through various markets, it ends at Chaugan Stadium. The idol of Goddess Teej (incarnation of Goddess Parvati) is decorated by the royal families of Jaipur, for the fair. Various folk dances are performed to the tunes of folk songs during this rally. A parade of Mata Parvati or Teej Mata is completed in a palanquin by eight sparklingly dressed men taken after by walking camels, elephants, bullock trucks and ponies.


Prevalently, Teej is a tribute to Goddess Parvati yet in addition happens for different traits, which incorporate the profitability brought by the monsoon.


Whole Rajasthan looks dazzling on Teej Festival. Furthermore, houses, spots of love and markets sprout with amazing adornments and different draws. However, you may also find it celebrating the Teej Festival in other parts of North India with same love, respect and constant faith.

That year Teej is celebrated on 13-August-2018




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